Helping Consumers One Account at a Time


Credit and Collection Compliance

Harbinger Processing Group is constantly improving its ability to maintain a positive environment between pre-litigation specialists and consumers by employing highly qualified individuals for the compliance team. With advanced training from American Creditors Association in compliance and management our team can make sure that your calls will be reviewed. If there is ever an issue with a contact from one of our specialists, please do not hesitate to contact them directly through the link on our website. A compliance team member will contact you within 24 hours in regards the issue presented. Pre-litigation efforts can become strenuous to those involved and at all times we provide you, the consumer, with a multiple levels of assurance that Harbinger Processing Group will do everything possible to resolve your account on a voluntary basis.

Property and Employment Investigation

Through an extensive network, Harbinger Processing Group can search for property and employment information related to the account in question. This allows Harbinger Processing Group to present the consumer with the facts before their account is sent to legal outsourcing. Harbinger Processing Group has over 68% success rate in resolving accounts before further action is required. This statistic elaborates the degree to which Harbinger Processing Group representatives help consumers resolve their debt voluntarily.

Legal Outsourcing

Harbinger Processing Group works with some of the best and most effective attorney networks in the country to resolve delinquent accounts. While our goal is to resolve accounts before sending to legal outsourcing, this remains a vital part of the overall picture. Once an account has entered the legal outsourcing program, the treatment of the consumer remains a top priority.

Helping consumers one account at a time.